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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Barshi Pincode / Post Office Search (SOLAPUR, Maharashtra)

Agalgaon S.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Babhulgaon B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Barshi S.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Bavi B.O 413403BarshiMaharashtra
Bhalgaon B.O 413406BarshiMaharashtra
Bhatambre B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Chare B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Chikharde B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Chumb B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Dahitane B.O 413412BarshiMaharashtra
Deogaon B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Dhamangaon B.O 413402BarshiMaharashtra
Gadegaon B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Gaudgaon S.O 413406BarshiMaharashtra
Ghanegaon B.O 413403BarshiMaharashtra
Ghari B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Gormale B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Gulpoli B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Halduge B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Hattij B.O 413406BarshiMaharashtra
Irle B.O 413412BarshiMaharashtra
Javalgaon B.O 413406BarshiMaharashtra
Kalamwadi B.O 413403BarshiMaharashtra
Kari B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Kategaon B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Khamgaon B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Khandvi B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Korphale B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Kuslumb B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Malegaon B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Malvandi B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Mandegaon B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Mouje Tadvale B.O 413412BarshiMaharashtra
Nari B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Pandhari B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Pangri S.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Pimpalgaon B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Raleras B.O 413402BarshiMaharashtra
Ratanjan B.O 413406BarshiMaharashtra
Sakat B.O 413403BarshiMaharashtra
Sarole B.O 413402BarshiMaharashtra
Sasure B.O 413402BarshiMaharashtra
Shelgaon (R) B.O 413222BarshiMaharashtra
Shendri B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Shirale B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Sondare B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Surdi B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Tadsoundane B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Tulsidas Nagar S.O 413412BarshiMaharashtra
Ukadgaon B.O 413404BarshiMaharashtra
Umbarge B.O 413409BarshiMaharashtra
Upale Dhumala B.O 413401BarshiMaharashtra
Vairag S.O 413402BarshiMaharashtra
Yavali B.O 413412BarshiMaharashtra